James Stirling
Behind London Fitness Guy
From an early age, I developed a passion for sport and quickly realised that a job working in accounting or law was not for me. Having graduated from the University of Southampton with a 2.1 degree in Sport Studies, I completed my Personal Training qualification whilst working for Fulham Football Club. I now support Fitbit and most recently joined forces with the X-Factor to train the finalists throughout the live shows and cast members from E4's Made in Chelsea.
The health and fitness industry has become diluted with 'do's and don'ts,' but my philosophy remains set on maintaining a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing the fun. I want the people I work with to gain the knowledge themselves to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
It is for this reason that my training and nutrition is adatpable to the everyday person and realistic to the contraints of everyday life. Whilst there isn't a 'one size fit's all' model, the goals and outcomes remain the same, to improve our health and fitness.