Starts on the 11th October and runs for 8 weeks.

Unlike most online coaching programmes, this is a holistic approach to fitness that will not only give you fantastic results, but also provide you with the education and knowledge to continue improving well beyond the programme end date.

What is the programme?

There are 3 key tiers to the programme:
ExerciseDiet and Mindfulness.


How to exercise for you goal


How to balance and structure your diet


How to apply mindfulness techniques to lift your mood and wellbeing.

What does a typical week look like?

Each week you will receive your workouts (4 each week) based on your preference of ‘Bodyweight,’ ‘Dumbbell only’ or ‘Gym’ on my exclusive LFG App.
If you have specific injuries, exercises can be amended with my help, I will just need to know in advance.

You will have access to 2 x Group calls (via Zoom) with myself and a specialist (during a number of sessions) in mindfulness and nutrition. This ensures you receive the best knowledge and advice available for your learning. Links to group calls will be sent at the start of each week and sessions will be held at different times to accommodate for time zones.

You will also be able to ask specific questions at the end of each group session and all videos will be uploaded to your ‘files’ on the LFG APP to re-watch at your convenience.

You will have access to the chat feature on the LFG APP where I will contact you weekly to check-in on your progress and keep your accountable.

You won’t receive a specific ‘diet plan’ – instead you will learn how to structure your meals with the help of myself and a qualified nutritionist.

I also will encourage you to use the LFG APP to track calories and foods, or sync with Myfitnesspal if preferred.

At the end of each week, add a progress photo to the app (optional) and upload your weight and measurements to track progress.

Week 1

Introduction and getting familiar with the LFG APP

Week 2

Diet and Meal Planning for your goals

Week 3

Workouts, cardio and NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

Week 4

Core training and abs

Week 5

Supplements and micronutrients

Week 6

Time under tension and building muscle

Week 7

Stress management and mindfulness

Week 8

Maintaining results for the future

Frequently asked questions

Each workout has a video demo of each exercise to ensure technique is correct along with a description, the time, reps, sets and rest for each exercise. So all you need to do is watch the demo and repeat the exercise as instructed. There is also a timer should you wish to use it!

ABSOLUTELY! There are no hidden costs – this is a one-off and you can continue to use the workouts at the end of the programme.

The workouts are not bespoke to you as they are designed to work for everyone! The workout is a stimulus to build muscle and strength – what you learn through the programme with regards to diet, nutrition and movement will allow you to achieve your personal goal – whether it be to build muscle, or lose fat. We are here to teach you how to get results, and keep results long term!

Is this right for me?

If you are focused and determined, YES.

If you want to learn and apply learning, YES.

If you are committed to the next 8-weeks, YES.