Gaining muscle, losing body fat, diet, calories, macro’s and supplements

Before I talk about my diet, supplements and what I do day to day, I thought I would share a little backstory about my weight and goals.

Last year I really struggled with my weight and maintaining muscle mass. My work load had increased and I was taking around 10 classes a week (including spin) which was pretty taxing on my energy expenditure. On top of this, my step count on my Fitbit was easily 20K steps per day which was taking my energy expenditure even higher and forcing my calorie requirements through the roof! I was ‘too busy’ and rushed to really think about planning food or when I would eat. It’s also not something I really do! I never make meals the night before (despite the ‘fail to prepare to prepare to fail’ quote!). The Tupperware life just isn’t a part of what I want my fitness journey to be about as I like variety in my diet and I love food. That said, I will always make sure my plate is balanced with carb, fat and protein sources.

What I did this year, was make a conscious effort to factor time into my day to fuel my body appropriately. I set myself a goal of gaining 3kg in 3 months and have been pretty determined to hit my goal. I wanted to stay fairly lean throughout (like we all do!) and I also didn’t want to have to count each calorie I ate.

How do I know how much food I ate? Well I had a rough idea. I’m sure some days and I went over my kcal requirements (3500-4000 kcals) and some days I went under. But, the beauty of how calorie requirements work is that you can take a weekly average and still hit your targets. In simple terms, if you over eat one day and under eat the other, generally you end up with a balance.

My knowledge of what is in the food I eat is fairly good from years of counting calories previously. I wouldn’t recommend years of counting calories but using an App (Myfitnesspal or LFG App) for a week or 2 is actually a great way of understanding what you eat and how much you eat. It’s worth noting that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an aesthetic goal. I see so much on social media about body confidence, and don’t get me wrong I am 100% for body confidence but that doesn’t mean we can’t be confident and set our own personal goals. After-all, our goals are exactly that – personal!

The biggest challenge for me is consuming enough food to be in surplus. If like me you struggle to keep the calories up – fats (peanut butter, oils, nuts) are great as they are calorie dense. This means you get high calories for a relatively small amount of food.

So when it comes to your goals, here are some questions that I get asked frequently about diet.

Should I try to gain muscle or lose body fat?

Trying to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same is a big ask. If you feel you have built enough muscle and you are ready to drop body fat to show your hard work, then it’s a great time to do so. If you feel that perhaps you need to gain more muscle before you start to drop body-fat, I would recommend keeping to a small calorie surplus. That choice is yours to make. Remember that typically to build muscle we require a calorie surplus, and to drop body fat we require a calorie deficit. This is why trying to achieve both at the same time is challenging!

What are calories and macros?

Food gives us energy and calories are units of energy. The energy delivered to our body is what fuels us day to day and typically we have calorie requirements for our activity levels. Generally, if we are gaining weight then its because the calories we consume exceed what we expend and if losing weight, then we are consuming less than we expend.

Macro-nutrients are essentially the foods that we eat – broken down into the food groups of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Ideally, we should aim for a balance of all of the above.

Protein: Chicken, Fish, Tofu (vegetarian option)
Fats: Oils (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Nut Butters, Avocado, Nuts
Carbohydrates: Fruits (sugars), Bread, Pasta, Rice

How do I know how much I should eat?

One of the easiest ways of understanding your food requirements is to use a calculator online ( Remember this will be a guide and it’s not 100% accurate but will give you a far better idea than not knowing at all.

So I know my calories, what about the foods I consume?

I am not a qualified nutritionist and always want to make that absolutely clear, but I really do believe your mood and energy are a product of the foods you eat. Protein is always the foundation of my meal and the remainder of the plate is filled with a carb, fat and green veg course (most of the time!). Protein is essential for muscle growth and maintaining muscle mass as it’s vital for repairing cells. When the muscle is damaged for growth by resistance training, protein helps to repair the cells but is also used when other sources (carbs/fats) aren’t available for energy.

Do I need to eat at certain times of the day?

Calories are consumed throughout the day and whether you eat those calories over 2, 4 or 6 meals the total calorie intake will be the same. Intermittent fasting restricts the period you eat the calories – but the total calories are still the same if you ate them over 12 hours! Personally I prefer to eat 3 normal sized meals and 2 snacks/light meals. I prefer not to eat a heavy meal before a workout, but if you feel like you need to eat before a workout because you perform better whilst you workout, then I would suggest you do it!

What role do supplements play in helping me reach my goal?

If you are looking at adding supplements to your diet, the main thing to ask yourself is what and why. Knowing when to and why to take supplements is really important. Protein has always been a staple of my supplementation for 2 main reasons:

  1. I am always on the go and consuming enough calories / meeting my protein requirements can be quite challenging.
  2. Generally I believe that using a protein supplement is more cost effective for me.

My go-to supplements and what I use daily:

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is an absolute must for me, not only for its role in repairing muscle tissue but also for convenience. I generally consume 1 scoop in the morning, 1 scoop post workout and 1 scoop in the evening. Generally in the morning I mix it with oats and add a teaspoon of peanut butter. I say convenience, because if you struggle to consume enough protein during the day, its a nice easy top-up at 20g per serving and you can have it at the desk whilst you work.


Creatine helps muscle cells to produce more energy through the formation of ATP. When we exercise this ATP is used for energy. There is some debate, however overall research suggests that creatine improves strength. It’s also noted as a useful supplement for vegans who cannot consume creatine naturally through meat.


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Taking before or during exercise they can increase muscle synthesis. I use these when I train fasted (before eating) in the morning or during my workout.

Amino Energy

On days when I feel sluggish or need a little pick up during a workout, I use Amino Energy. It’s not like pre-workout drinks that leave you with a crash as the caffeine content is quite modest, but this is the reason I love it. I fill a bottle of water with 2 scoops, consume half pre-workout and then fill up the bottle again with water (now half diluted) to drink during my workout. It’s essentially Amino Acids with caffeine.


My sleeping supplement! Zinc and Magnesium are suggested to maintain normal levels of cortisol and improve sleep function. I consume 3 tablets x 30 minutes before I go to bed (10pm for those wondering!).

My typical diet

I don’t really like to share my diet as I don’t like the idea of people thinking this is what they ‘should’ eat, but I get asked quite often so it’s something I feel I should share. As I previously said, I try to keep variety in the my diet as much as I can, but a typical day might look something like this:


1 cup of coffee (usually with oat milk)

Oats with 1 scoop of Gold Standard Protein

1 Tbl Peanut Butter

Post Workout: 

1 Shake ON Gold Standard


Protein bar (ON whipped bites) or Yoghurt with seeds, nuts and handful or raisins.


Chicken, Turkey or Salmon

Eggs and Beans




Protein Shake

Scrambled egg



Meat or Fish Source

Sweet potato

Green Veg


Dark Chocolate

Remember that this is just an example of what a typical day would look like. Your diet has to work for your lifestyle, your job and your goals.

I hope you found this useful and as always, please feel free to message me with any questions you might have.



What is “health and fitness?” Well to me it consists of looking after your body – both inside and out! As a Personal Trainer, I support others in helping them to achieve their goals and at times it can be difficult to ensure I also look after myself. But whilst we take time to look after our bodies, we often fail to support and ignore our largest organ – our skin!

There is a clear relationship between the foods we eat and the health of our skin. During my teenage years my skin (like most teens) was prone to spot outbreaks and when I started shaving any troublesome areas were exasperated. It was then that I really began taking care of my skin and have not looked back since!. It is something that is really important to me and in my opinion, essential as we get older. We should be aware of foods that support our skin such as salmon, avocado, nuts, red peppers and broccoli which are great sources of Omega 3 Fatty acids, vitamin C and other minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium and folate.


To me, this is all part of the bigger “health, happiness and fitness” picture and therefore I jumped at the opportunity to work with LAB SERIES as the face of their latest campaign for ‘Day Rescue Defense Lotion SPF 35.’ A little bit about the product? Well it’s a SPF 35 moisturizer to help combat the visible effects of sun damage, extreme climate and pollution/environmental damage. I have used LAB SERIES since I was 17 and have formed a regular routine consisting of their Multi-action Face Wash, Future Recur Repair Serum and a combination of moisturizing creams (MAX Lifting Lotion in the evening and Day Rescue Defense Lotion SPF 35 in the morning). The campaign itself followed a day in my life and the stresses that I put my skin through – from morning runs, transport between studios, teaching high intensity classes and obviously training myself! It is without doubt one of the most exciting projects I have been part of since making the jump into the health and fitness industry full time, and I am thrilled to share it with you.

So what goes on behind the scenes to produce a campaign? Well the day started pretty early – 6am to be precise! The team arrived at my home for hair and make up preparation, where the brilliant Enzo Volpe (@splitenz) talked to me about the LAB SERIES products he was using throughout the day to really bring out the best in my skin tone/quality. Hair and makeup perfected, we were ready to shoot! Outside it was literally freezing as we shot the campaign the day after the ‘Beast from the East’ turned London white with snow, so we really were put up against the stresses of the environment.


We headed out to my local run route in Wandsworth, along the Thames to begin our filming with a film crew of around 6. It felt a little surreal having gone from working everyday 9-5 job last year to actually getting out and pursuing my passion and having it filmed for the day! We took some amazing shots and the snow actually made the video look so fresh and clean. Although it was challenging, I was really pleased having seen the final product. It made those pull-ups holding a freezing bar all worth it!

Outside shots complete, we then headed over to my place of work, KXU Studio in Sloane Square to get some typical shots of my Spin Class, PT session and also my own training time. It is crazy to think that a whole day of filming is required to produce just a 50 second clip. It is really tiring work shooting any campaign such as this, as its multiple shots of the same movement to make sure you have every angle covered. Bear in mind this included flipping an 80KG tyre (!!), so needless to say no further workout was required at the end of the day.


Adam Slama (@adamslama) and his team did such an amazing job filming this piece and I really hope you agree that it is so well produced and created. Personal Training is always my core focus when it comes to work, but I am so proud and grateful to be able to work with brands such as LAB SERIES in producing this type of content. So, to finish and before you watch the final clip below, I wanted to thank the team for making it happen and you guys for supporting me on my social media channels to make this all possible! Enjoy x

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Paid partnership with LAB SERIES Skincare for Men


The rise of vegan followers over the last year or 2 has been incredible, with a significant portion of the UK population set to move away from animal based products in 2018. Previously, I have always relied on meats as core components to my diet, primarily due to lack of knowledge around alternatives and partly due to the lack of availability and accessibility of meat-free products. The introduction of the ‘Wicked’ Kitchen’ range from Derek Sarno to Tesco really highlights how important this diet has become and how sustainable it can be.

I think it would be very difficult to wake up in the morning and decide you aren’t going to eat meat from that moment on (although I am sure many people have done this and succeeded!). It seems the general approach is a bit like changing any diet, you gradually phase out meat-based foods until you become less reliant on them. I have never gone ‘meat-free’ so, as a part of my own test, I wanted to try a day as a Vegan. I used the ‘Wicked Kitchen’ range throughout my day and focused particularly on taste and convenience. I wanted to review whether my diet felt compromised and if I would really notice the change.


I kept the majority of options in line with the types of foods I would usually eat day to day. Breakfast was the same for me, oats with almond milk and for snacks I had my usual nuts, fruits and added dairy free yoghurt. Due to my schedule, the hardest part for me when it comes to diet is finding those balanced, convenient meals on the the go. Thankfully, there is always a Tesco Express nearby and one right around the corner from my place of work - so I purchased 3 meals for the day.

1: Rainbow Curry Bowl

2. Kung Fu Bowl

3. Smashin’ Pumpkin Falafel Sandwich

Training for a Marathon, I eat quite a lot! A typical day for me involves plenty of carbs or fats so working the diet around my goals was quite straight forward. As 'on the go' meals, I was impressed by the nutritional breakdown of the meals I selected. The Rainbow Curry Bowl and Kung Fu Bowl in particular contained 350 kcal’s or less and were low in both sugar and salt.

When it comes to taste, I am a lover of Indian food so the Rainbow Curry bowl was always going to be a hit for me. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't miss the meat at all - the bhajis and chickpeas where a great alternative. I always thought and previously had been one to say, “but don’t you miss the meat?” but I have to admit that I really didn’t. It was similar when it came to the Kung Fu Bowl, the tofu was a replacement for the chicken I would usually have, and I came away having enjoyed my lunch.


When it comes to post-workout or post-run, I like to refuel with carbs so chose to have the 'Smashin Pumpkin Falafel' Sandwich, which also has 16g protein so great for the protein-hit too! Again, the convenience was key for me as there is nothing worse than preparing a meal starving after a run or a big workout! One thing I really noticed whilst trying these meals is the thought and planning that must have gone in to creating them and making them enjoyable for everyone. The falafel was a different (for me) but great sandwich filler!

Overall, I was really impressed by the Wicked Kitchen Range and I genuinely believe that this introduction is a HUGE step towards making Veganism more accessible. I think it will also help other chains recognise the importance of accommodating for Vegan lifestyles. Yes my diet is not 100% meat-free, but making small changes is a big step in the plant-based direction for me which is personally, a big achievement. Will I eventually go vegetarian or vegan? Who knows, but I am definitely more open to the idea which really does show how this lifestyle is becoming achievable and sustainable. Check out the full WICKED RANGE range by clicking here:


James Stirling



An insight into the London fitness membership that puts you in control of your programme!

Over the past 4 weeks I have been using the London MoveGB membership to support my training. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, MoveGB is an ‘every activity membership’ that essentially models itself on providing convenience, variety and sustainability to get you moving whenever, wherever and as many times as you like.

Being a Personal Trainer, most people assume it’s easy to fit in workouts around your clients and find motivation for your own training. But trust me, since moving into the fitness industry as my full time career, I have found it increasingly more difficult to find and sustain my workout mojo. The pressure of having to look the part is constant and when you lack the motivation to exercise you feel like you are underachieving in your own plans.

The long days as a PT are also incredibly draining. I absolutely love my job, but after 8 hours of training clients I often feel so tired that the idea of training in my ‘place of work’ is off-putting, and dinner at home followed by the ‘Great British Bake Off’ on TV is far more appealing! For me, working out should create a sense of freedom and offer valuable ‘me-time,’ to forget about work and switch off from everyday life. It’s a sense of doing something that makes you feel good, improves your mood and ultimately creates a happy, healthy lifestyle.

When I started my MoveGB membership, I wanted to utilise it in a way that I would really benefit in terms of my mood, fitness and training programme. Like any new exercise plan, I treated this the same and asked myself the question I ask all my clients, what do I want to achieve?


I wanted to use my membership to focus on 3 key outcomes. The first was to try something new that would take me completely out of my comfort zone. I had seen across social media a number of people trying ‘The Climbing Hanger’ in Parsons Green, which was the perfect fit. Not only is Rock Climbing great for endurance, but it’s also reported to reduce stress, improve brain function and it’s located right on my doorstep.

I haven’t rock climbed since attending a primary school birthday party and to be honest I’m not sure that counts, so this would definitely tick my box of trying something new. The session worked the muscles in my back in a different way to any workout I had tried before, and it reminded me how effective variety in your training can be. It’s surprising how quickly an hour of rock climbing goes and more importantly how fun it is. I am a firm believer that you should find satisfaction and enjoyment out of working out. It is definitely one I will be trying again and what’s great about my membership is that there is no cap on attendance, so you can return for round 2 later in the week or month!


My next goal was to improve on something that I am shamefully useless at - YOGA! Teaching 6 spin classes a week my hamstrings are always tight which means that when it comes to Yoga, I find most positions hard work. I have been determined to improve and find my Yoga flow so my next stop was Local Motion in Wandsworth where I took part in Rocket Yoga. The class includes a series of standing, balancing and inverted postures and is designed to ‘wake up the nervous system.’ It was a pretty challenging 60 minutes and I have to say, my flexibility was put to shame by the girls that attend the class regularly and can quite comfortably do the splits. However, the instructor was great and I think recognised quite early my beginner experience level and offered some slightly simpler alternatives for me to work with. I think this was the first yoga class where I came away feeling the Zen and I slept like a log. I have now committed to taking part once a week whether it be at Local Motion or another local studio.

The difficulty with attending classes for me is that they often coincide with peak times for clients or work, but thankfully the membership offers a wide variety of session times and I can quite confidently say there is a time available for everyone!


So two goals down and the third goal was something I was really keen to achieve. I recently completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon and training for an endurance event whilst trying to maintain strength was challenging to say the least. With the event completed, I wanted to really focus on my own strength and muscle programme. The MoveGB membership gives access to amazing gyms in the area including Virgin Active and Pure Gym. I have been using Virgin Active (Smugglers Way, Wandsworth) as my training venue to focus on my own exercise goals whilst putting myself in a different environment to my place of work. It has been so enjoyable to use new kit and completely switch off to focus on myself. It also meant that if I had a meeting or was teaching a class elsewhere in London, I could track down the closest venue and stop off on my way home which proved to be a lifesaver when it came to managing my workout schedule. Fitness should be accessible and it’s great to find somewhere local to your workplace or home to ensure that there are no excuses for not attending. All I had to do was input my location into the MoveGB App and it was offer venues within a 2, 5 or 10 mile radius.

The concept of exercising anywhere, anytime is something I feel helps my clients reach their goals. It’s about emphasising the importance of being active in whichever form suits you and having fun whilst you exercise. There have been times when I have found myself with an hour or so to kill in between meetings or clients, have logged onto my app, filtered by time and found a workout to make the most of my free time. Its been a huge eye opener to the variety of opportunities to exercise that are available in London. I would love for you to try MoveGB membership for yourself, so by using the link below you can try 2 weeks completely FREE! So get yourself trying something new right away.



So they say…

I prove the claims wrong and give you a full 1-day meal plan for under £12 and under 500 kcals per meal.

I am a big fan of an ‘Ocado’ food shop for the variety of products available and the ease of delivery (plus you get £20 off with your first order – WIN!). Leading a pretty active lifestyle, it’s important that I eat fairly frequently, and knowing how I am whilst hangry (that hungry anger feeling you get before a long overdue snack), I wouldn’t dream of putting my clients through a session whilst in that state! Food can be incredibly expensive and frequent trips to the local supermarket on your lunch break can set you back both in terms of your nutritional goals and your bank balance!

What I wanted to do, is show you what a little preparation can offer and I have devised a 1 day meal plan that I feel is both nutritionally balanced (healthy portions of carbs, proteins and fats) and cost effective. An example of how you can lead a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable foods but not spend your weekly wage in one hit.

The split below is 1712 calories and works out pretty close to 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% Fats. The RDA for Women is 2000 kcals per day approximately, so the example below is a nice starting point for women looking to lose weight without the starvation.

1) Breakfast

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

1 Piece of Rye Bread

1/2 Avocado


Kcals: 339

Carbs: 29g

Fats: 20g

Protein: 12g

Price: £1.38

Happy Eggs – £0.28

Rye Bread (Schneider x 5 slices) – `£0.25

1/2 Avocado – £0.85p

2) Snack 1

40g Cashew nuts

1 pot of Total Greek Yoghurt (0%)


Kcals: 333

Carbs: 17g

Fats: 17g

Protein: 26g

Price: £2.79

Cashew Nuts – £1.69

Total Greek Yoghurt (0%) – £1.10

3) Lunch

Mixed salad – £0.50

Feta Cheese (50g) – £0.37

1 Chicken Breast – £1.70

1/2 Avocado – 85p


Kcals: 419

Carbs: 13g

Fats: 26g

Protein: 40g

Price: £3.42

Mixed salad – £0.50

Feta Cheese (25g) – £0.15

1 Chicken Breast – £1.70

1/2 Avocado – 85p

4) Snack 2

2 x Kalo Rice Cakes (Dark Chocolate)

1 Banana


Kcals: 165

Carbs: 27g

Fats: 5g

Protein: 2g

Price: £0.95

Kalo Rice Cake – £0.70

Banana – £0.35p

5) Dinner

150g Turkey Mince

1 tin chopped tomatoes

Mixed Veg (frozen)

110g Unce Bens Quinoa & Wholegrain Rice


Kcals: 456

Carbs: 53g

Fats: 4g

Protein: 42g

Price: £3.18

150g Turkey Mince – £1.25

1 tin chopped tomatoes – £0.48

Mixed Veg – £0.45

125g Uncle Bens Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice – £1.00



KCALS: 1712 Kcals

CARBS: 139g

FATS: 72g

PROTEIN: 122g – 37

So there you have it, food planning for just £11.72p per day and this is every meal and item of food you will eat for the day. Not bad considering I went to get lunch just the other day and it cost me £8!

The not-so-healthy side of health and fitness


I have been involved in the Fitness industry for a good 7 now years now. What started off as a hobby at university became a passion, and then a career having recently made the jump into self-employed life as a Personal Trainer. What’s great about my journey in fitness is that I have literally tried to reach every possible goal. Growing up I was always the skinny guy at school who wanted to be bigger, until I got to university and gained far too much weight living off a diet of cheap alcohol and microwave meals. It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I decided I wanted to drop the pounds and try my luck in a Fitness competition, the type whereby you tan, wear short shorts and strike a pose of two in front of judges.

Over the years I have experienced the shift in fitness trends and through this time, changed my own perceptions of health and fitness. I want to reinforce the term ‘health and fitness’ - as surely health should be the priority, right? But what about when Fitness is taken to the extreme? In this article, I want to address my experiences of training, diets and fitness practices and share the uglier side of the industry. I want to open up about some of the struggles I have faced.

When I first decided to compete, it was completely unknown to me the pressure I would be putting my body under to look muscular whilst maintaining incredibly low body-fat. Over a course of 3 years, I competed 3 times and each time began to question why I was doing this to myself. I was blinded by the idea that winning a competition would catapult me to sponsorship and fitness recognition! Don’t get me wrong, I maintain the upmost respect for anybody that does compete in competitions, and by writing this I absolutely do not want to take the hard work away from anybody.

During this time, my diet became more and more regimented, living life out of a tupperware box, eating meat for breakfast and cracking more eggs than a baker! I love routine in my life so the training aspect was actually very enjoyable - up early for a morning walk before breakfast and then training after work in the evenings. In the lead up to my first competition, I actually felt great until about 4 weeks before the date (or ‘4 weeks out’ in the fitness world!). What didn't feel great was the anxiety and guilt I would feel - I became a recluse. No drinking or eating out and feeling extremely disappointed in myself and concerned about how I would look if I ate anything unhealthy. Over this 3 year period, I actually thought this was ‘all part of the process’ and every time someone said it wasn't ‘normal’, I just thought ‘they are just jealous they can’t do it.’

Looking back, I was trapped in a bubble. I would have ‘cheat meals’ each week, whereby I would consume ridiculous quantities of junk food until I had stomach cramps. Every morning, I would look in the mirror and think that I needed to be leaner, bigger, wider, thicker. Ironically, I never thought to myself I wanted to be healthier or fitter - yet this is health and fitness!

The issue with what I had done, is that I had created ‘norms’ for myself through social media and disregarded anybodies concerns for my behaviours. I was suffering. It took some time for me to start shifting my attitudes and food behaviours. I slowly started to introduce ‘normal’ foods into my diet and live less from the tupperware. I am not saying food preparation is ‘bad’ by any means - in fact I think its great to be organised and maintain a healthy diet. But, these behaviours where not healthy. I realised that actually, I could look fit and healthy whilst enjoying the finer things in life.

I don’t know what it was that finally broke the bubble I was in - perhaps it was when I moved to London and realised that there was far more to life than what I was currently living! My whole ethos with my training today is balance. I know this is a term that is thrown around so freely, but balance to me simply means enjoying life, sacrificing somethings but not everything and maintaining a guilt free approach to diet. Don't get me wrong, I work hard in the gym, I run, cycle and generally I am very active, but I would say my diet is 70% healthy. If I want a drink, dessert or a meal out I enjoy it!

The fitness industry is great and I love the work I do, but at times the line between healthy and unhealthy can become blurred at the top end of the spectrum as well as at the bottom. Don't become trapped in the bubble - lift but live!




So having NEVER done a blog post before, I thought it was about time I included some content on my website. So heres my first mini post talking about the power of grains and my sheer love for turkey breast as the protein source to my plate. I want to keep my blog posts short and informative so that you don't get bored half way through and give up reading what is hopefully useful information. So here goes...

      Grains: what are they and why are they good for me?

Grains are an excellent source of fibre and a key source of nutrients such as riboflavin, niacin, magnesium and iron. What does that mean? Well, fibre is essential for regulating bowel function and supports your body in feeling full without the additional calories (result!). B-Vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin help the body release energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates and play a key role in regulating a healthy metabolism. So how about Iron? Iron is used to carry oxygen in the blood. For Vegetarians out there, it can be difficult to achieve the RDI (recommended daily intake) of iron, and therefore the addition of grains to the diet helps you hit that intake! Grains have been suggested to support weight management and reduce the risk of constipation, so get 'em down you!

SO how about that Turkey Breast? 

Turkey?...Chicken? Whats the difference? Like Chicken, Turkey is a great source of protein which we all know supports muscle repair (great post-workout!). White meat is lower in fat than red meat, and Turkey just so happens to consist of 70% white and 30% red meat! Great for the muscles, but what else? Well Turkey breast also contains the amino acid tryptophan, the producer of Serotonin which supports a strong immune system. So actually, eating Turkey in the winter is not only festive, but also helps your body fight off the winter cold and flu. All in all, the difference between Turkey and Chicken is marginal - however Turkey does boast a higher amino acid profile, higher % protein and lower fat. It can also be purchased in its minced form, which makes it perfect for Turkey Chilli's or turkey meatballs.

So finally, how about a recipe?

Mexican Turkey and Grains

1 x Lime (squeezed)

150g Turkey Breast

Chilli Flakes

A squeeze of Tomato Puree

and Garlic Puree


1/2 teaspoon Chilli Powder

Mix it all together and cook in coconut oil in a pan

Add 125g (half a bag) of Merchant Gourmet Spanish Style Grains

Top with coriander

Cooking time: 15 minutes