If you are looking to join my ‘on demand’ programme of real-time workouts, I look forward to welcoming you! Please find below a list of FAQ’s to hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you are still unsure, feel free to email for further help.


The great thing about this programme is that you don’t NEED any equipment. I show you how to perform each exercise with your bodyweight or dumbbells (where appropriate). If you aren’t confident starting with dumbbells, you have something to work towards!

3-4 workouts are added each week to the programme (every Sunday). You should complete all of these as a minimum and if you like, you can always repeat favourites from weeks before or add additional cardio sessions into your week to support your goal.

Workouts stay on the app for 2 months.

To start a workout, go to your ‘workouts’ and find the workout for the day. From here click ’start workout’ and then tap the coloured thumbnail to load the video.

Currently the devices supported are:

  • Desktop computers
  • iPad
  • Apple and Android phones.

However, due to Android restrictions videos will not load full screen on these devises currently.

Visit the website and sign in with your username and password. This provides the BEST viewing experience. Once complete, tick the workout off in the app if you like to have this log as reference.

Each workout starts with a warm up and generally has a strength and cardio element. I will talk you through the format before we start and work through each section with you. We focus on correct form before we build intensity, to ensure you remain injury free.

Strength workouts are 40 minutes long and HIIT workouts are 30 minutes long.

Visit on your desktop, head to your ‘financials’ and from here you can cancel your package. I am always happy to guide you through this.

YES. If you need any support in cancelling, I am available to message and guide you.