So they say…

I prove the claims wrong and give you a full 1-day meal plan for under £12 and under 500 kcals per meal.

I am a big fan of an ‘Ocado’ food shop for the variety of products available and the ease of delivery (plus you get £20 off with your first order – WIN!). Leading a pretty active lifestyle, it’s important that I eat fairly frequently, and knowing how I am whilst hangry (that hungry anger feeling you get before a long overdue snack), I wouldn’t dream of putting my clients through a session whilst in that state! Food can be incredibly expensive and frequent trips to the local supermarket on your lunch break can set you back both in terms of your nutritional goals and your bank balance!

What I wanted to do, is show you what a little preparation can offer and I have devised a 1 day meal plan that I feel is both nutritionally balanced (healthy portions of carbs, proteins and fats) and cost effective. An example of how you can lead a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable foods but not spend your weekly wage in one hit.

The split below is 1712 calories and works out pretty close to 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% Fats. The RDA for Women is 2000 kcals per day approximately, so the example below is a nice starting point for women looking to lose weight without the starvation.

1) Breakfast

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

1 Piece of Rye Bread

1/2 Avocado


Kcals: 339

Carbs: 29g

Fats: 20g

Protein: 12g

Price: £1.38

Happy Eggs – £0.28

Rye Bread (Schneider x 5 slices) – `£0.25

1/2 Avocado – £0.85p

2) Snack 1

40g Cashew nuts

1 pot of Total Greek Yoghurt (0%)


Kcals: 333

Carbs: 17g

Fats: 17g

Protein: 26g

Price: £2.79

Cashew Nuts – £1.69

Total Greek Yoghurt (0%) – £1.10

3) Lunch

Mixed salad – £0.50

Feta Cheese (50g) – £0.37

1 Chicken Breast – £1.70

1/2 Avocado – 85p


Kcals: 419

Carbs: 13g

Fats: 26g

Protein: 40g

Price: £3.42

Mixed salad – £0.50

Feta Cheese (25g) – £0.15

1 Chicken Breast – £1.70

1/2 Avocado – 85p

4) Snack 2

2 x Kalo Rice Cakes (Dark Chocolate)

1 Banana


Kcals: 165

Carbs: 27g

Fats: 5g

Protein: 2g

Price: £0.95

Kalo Rice Cake – £0.70

Banana – £0.35p

5) Dinner

150g Turkey Mince

1 tin chopped tomatoes

Mixed Veg (frozen)

110g Unce Bens Quinoa & Wholegrain Rice


Kcals: 456

Carbs: 53g

Fats: 4g

Protein: 42g

Price: £3.18

150g Turkey Mince – £1.25

1 tin chopped tomatoes – £0.48

Mixed Veg – £0.45

125g Uncle Bens Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice – £1.00



KCALS: 1712 Kcals

CARBS: 139g

FATS: 72g

PROTEIN: 122g – 37

So there you have it, food planning for just £11.72p per day and this is every meal and item of food you will eat for the day. Not bad considering I went to get lunch just the other day and it cost me £8!