Train with PWER

Feel the benefits of working out at a time that suits you.


Workouts to build strength, muscle and fitness added each week allowing you to train anywhere, anytime with me as your coach

Improve your form and technique as I guide you through each exercise safely and effectively

All options shown to accommodate for lower impact, dumbbell or bodyweight preferences

Filter workouts by duration from 10mins to 40mins to choose a session that suits your available time

Try a PWER workout

Grab a sweat towel and try a workout with me.

This is an example of a workout my brand new workout programme PWER. Expect 3-4 brand new Strength and HIIT workouts, just like this each week.

Everything you need to get results

  • Start a workout and follow me in ‘real-time’
  • Workouts to build strength, muscle and fitness
  • Bodyweight or dumbbell options provided
  • De-stress with Yoga and meditation
  • Specific core workouts to build strong abs
  • 10 minute workouts for specific body-parts
  • Follow exciting challenges and programmes
  • New workouts added every week!

High intensity BURN workouts to improve your fitness and get you sweating. 30 minute full body blasts leaving you feeling great. Great as a lunchtime sweat!

Try a BUILD strength workout. Follow me as I show you how to master technique to maximise results! Designed to build muscle and strength from home.

Core workouts to build strong abs! Expect holds, planks, crunch variations and mobility work to test your core in 10-20 minutes.